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This new residential area will be located in the former Ergon factory complex in Brno – Maloměřice and Obřany. Before construction begins all buildings in the 6.5 hectare complex will be demolished. Project construction will take place in several stages.

The neighbourhood will incorporate an ideal mix of individual and mass housing, including facilities for services. Classical apartment buildings will surround the central square, commercial space will be located on the ground floor. Villa apartments provide more intimate housing, where every three floors will be divided between 2 or at most 3 apartments. An innovative type of housing are the clusters – semi-enclosed smaller apartments with their own courtyard that provide a combination of private and public space, promoting interaction between neighbours and community living.

An emphasis is placed on the ecological aspects of the project, sufficient greenery in public spaces and the opportunity to actively spend free time. An important element of the proposed site is the intent to minimize automobile traffic. Buildings will have service roads for necessary access, but cars will primarily use the underground garages. This will create a safe central green space with walkways.

The complex will be adjacent to the former pod Hády sludge pit, which will be transformed into a park space for leisure activities.

Currently, the first phase of the project is on sale, offering 167 apartments in 8 buildings and 186 parking spaces located in underground garages. Most of the apartments have their own balcony, terrace, or garden.

For more information, visit the project's website or contact us on hady@trikaya.cz .

The sale of apartments in the first phase is currently underway.

For more information visit the project website or contact us on the phone number 800 888 787.

  • Number of apartments in the 1. phase: 167
  • Number of parking spaces: 187
  • Construction and sales launch: 3Q/2023
  • Planned completion: 4Q/2025

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