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We are build and develop the city. We create homes and facilities for hundreds of families. Invest with us in tangible projects that make sense and share our success with us.

Trikaya offers several options for assessing your savings. Medium-risk investments provide up to 6% p.a appreciation of your finances.

Typical example of investment and returns after 3 years

On 1.2.2016 Trikaya Asset Management issued for its private clients the first non-public bond issue with a maturity of 3 years with an interest rate of 6% p.a. On 1 February 2019, this issue was fully repaid and the clients received a net yield of 15.3% (gross yield 18%) over 3 years.

Typical example of investment and returns

Why invest with us

The past years will certainly be considered landmark years of growth in the history of the Trikaya Group: In the area of residential development, we have offered 157 apartments for sale in two Brno projects: Ponavia Residence II and Neumanka Apartment Homes and have thus become a leader in this segment in Moravia. Outstanding sales results attest to our knowhow in residential projects, our excellent reputation and the client-centered approach of the company.

The planned diversification of the group into commercial real estate is now fully underway. Our interest in commercial real estate needing modernization and offering the potential of optimizing rents has led us to the acquisition of two excellent opportunities. In the Řepy housing estate in Prague we purchased a shopping centre that we will rebuild into a modern commercial centre with services for the local residents. The Řepy acquisition is the first venture of the group outside of Brno and we hope that more will soon follow. In Brno, together with a local partner we have acquired the Futurum Shopping Centre at the junction of the D1 and Vienna highways. Futurum will also undergo extensive renovation with the goal of offering customers an environment reflecting the most current shopping trends.

We are in the process of preparing acquisitions with hundreds of new apartments to be implemented in the coming years. We present a stable company with a 10-year gradual growth. We are ready to take full advantage of our experience in favor of individual projects, the functioning of the company and our financial partners.

Current options investing

Invest smartly

Trikaya real estate fund SICAV

The fund's investment objective is to achieve a stable return on assets above the level of long-term interest rate yields, primarily through long-term investment property. Share with us in the growth of the real estate market and become a co-owner of one of the prestigious properties.

Public bonds emission with fixed 6 % yield

Trikaya offers the opportunity to invest in its three currently largest projects. The attractive redevelopment of two shopping centers and the construction of a new residential area for 400 families represent a unique opportunity to take advantage of the current favorable market situation. The public bond issue offers a fixed interest yield of 6%.

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